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Czas:13.06.2012, o 01:27 (UTC)
Wiadomość:BITM,Thanks, I see I was reading it too literally! I hadn't seen the story you mentioned. But from this recent story, it does sound to me as though Mrs. Zamlen has given the GHB report to the authorities and that the Ramsey County ME dismissed it, refusing to compare the new results to his own initial test. I am not sure why he felt that the GHB finding was irrelevant. I know that the GHB test can be considered controversial in that GHB can be found in the body naturally, but when you take into consideration that the other findings were not so clear cut (i.e., no injuries from a fall and no conclusive evidence of drowning), I would think the GHB could be important. The second ME by Dr. Uncini even stated, "It is likely he drowned, but I feel the manner of death cannot be determined and requires more police investigation and/or access to existing police records." So why not pull out the old GHB test?

Czas:06.06.2012, o 08:36 (UTC)
Wiadomość:that reporting on Gannon's allegations was a violation of the young woman's rights, so I don't think she is implying the incident did not happen, only that the media should not be reporting on it when charges were not filed. This is actually not in the best interest of either party.You're right, we don't know Dan's sexuality and sadly, no one will ever know with certainty because the question can't be put to him directly. But we do have eyewitness reports that he was kissing a girl at the party, that he was "all over" a girl at the party, and we have bodily fluids found in the backseat of a car. So I think it is at least safe to conjecture that he did have an interest in women and it was more than just a passing curiosity.I should also point out that his sexuality would not even be relevant, except for the fact that witnesses made it so in saying that it went toward his state of mind. I believe these are the same witnesses who have made inconsistent statements time and time again. I think Mrs. Zamlen is only saying that it is not fair to publish such a damaging story about a person in the press when the story was unfounded, came from inconsistent/unreliable sources and when there is evidence pointing the other way.I'd also like to say that the Zamlen family had a second autopsy completed and the associating toxicology report found high levels of GHB. The levels of GHB are supported by the fact that the people who drank the same vodka also became sick (sicker than usual when drinking) and perhaps that Dan was acting amorous that night. I am sure she has passed this along to the St. Paul Police Department, but really, why on earth would she ever need to produce this personal information to you or to any of us on the internet? I am sure that this information and whatever else she finds will be presented to the police again at the right time. And let's hope a new investigation will be opened.

Czas:26.05.2012, o 02:03 (UTC)
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Czas:17.05.2012, o 10:13 (UTC)
Wiadomość:Great comomn sense here. Wish I'd thought of that.

Czas:12.07.2010, o 16:47 (UTC)

Nazwa:christian piehl 
Czas:15.06.2010, o 09:41 (UTC)
Wiadomość:Hallo Daniel,
mit Bestürzung haben wir erfahren, daß Du im 4 Lauf einen Unfall hattest und wünschen Dir baldige Genesung. Werde bald wieder gesund und ruhe Dich erst einmal etwas aus. Danach aber möchten wir Dich wieder gesund und munter auf den Rennplätzen um Siege und Punkte kämpfen sehen.
Viele Grüße vom gesamten Piehl-Boot-Racing-Team

Nazwa:christian piehl 
Czas:31.12.2009, o 07:50 (UTC)
Wiadomość:Hallo Rennfahrer/in, hallo Familie und Helfer,
daß gesamte Piehl-Boot-Racing-Team wünscht Euch einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr. Wir hoffen Euch auch wieder in 2010 auf den Rennplätzen zu treffen und freuen uns schon sehr darauf. Gratulation noch einmal für Eure Erfolge im Jahr 2009 und bleibt immer schön gesund.
Teilt uns doch bitte alle polnischen Rennveranstaltungen mit, in denen die O/F 125 ccm fährt. Wir hoffen im nächsten Jahr wieder dabei sein zu dürfen und wären dann gerne auch wieder Gäste in Eurem Land.
Alles Gute vom gesamten Team

Czas:15.07.2009, o 17:42 (UTC)
Wiadomość:Życze powodzenia na dalszych zawodach i wszystkiego dobrego:)

Czas:11.07.2009, o 13:23 (UTC)
Wiadomość:pozdrawiam i życzę duuuużo sukcesów:)

Czas:09.07.2009, o 20:57 (UTC)
Wiadomość:Bardzo ładna strona - gratuluję, życzę wielu sukcesów i obiecuję trzymać kciuki

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